Hey there lovelies! Welcome to our first blog post!

Just to get us started, we decided to do an Intro Post, just so you can get to know us.

If you haven’t read our ‘About Us’ tab- here’s the lowdown:

We’re Hannah and Zoe, bffs living in the Los Angeles, California. Our styles and tastes are for the most part polar opposites.

Zoe is Mary Kate and Hannah is Ashley.

Zoe is effortlessly cool and Hannah is effortlessly chic.

But more often than not, we unify with stripes.





On Zoe:

top: Urban Outfitters

necklace: H&M

jeans: Old Navy (ripped by Zoe)

On Hannah:

top: Gap

leather joggers: Forever 21

Here are some fun facts about us:

We met at FIDM, on the first day of Orientation.

When we met, Zoe had purple hair.

Zoe is from Arizona, originally, but lived in Orange County for a while before moving to LA

Hannah is from South Texas.

Hannah and Zoe’s favorite ice cream is Half Baked from Ben & Jerry’s.

Zoe has tattoos, Hannah doesn’t.

We balance each other; Hannah is the Right Bank of Paris, orderly and sophisticated. Zoe is the Left Bank, artistic and somewhat chaotic. But without each other, the city would be incomplete. Think of us as Paris (but not in an “we’re better than you” type of way).

Finally, If you follow us on our instagrams, tumblrs and pinterests, we’ll love you forever.

It’s true.  (the links are in ‘about us’)

& a special thanks to Ben Shmikler for the awesome pictures! here’s a link to his website —> click me!


With Love from Los Angeles, Hannah & Zoe






  1. I love your blog! Total fashion disaster that I am, I can at least appreciate fashionistas from a distance. I like stripes myself, but at my stage of life, vertical stripes suit me better. Best of luck and undying fame to you both!

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